1. Do you ship to other countries other than Australia?

Yes we ship internationally to eligible countries such as New Zealand & Western Europe at the moment, including PO boxes only. We use DHL as our partner shipping courier.

Unfortunately, we don't ship on the ff countries below:
Countries currently under UN Embargo: Crimea (Ukraine), Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan (North) and Yemen. No shipments can be sent to these destination countries.

2. How long does it take for my item to arrive?
Orders within Australia will take 2-3 business days to ship, including the time it will take to be packaged. Actual delivery time will depend on the shipping method selected.

For international shipments:

ZONE 1 - New Zealand (3 - 5 working days)

ZONE 2 - Western Europe (5 - 12 working days)


Please Note:

Target delivery days quoted are in business days and exclude local public holidays. Target delivery days are measured from the time the shipments arrive into the Sydney Distribution Centre.

Target delivery days quoted are estimates based on historical performance and are subject to changes without prior notice. Any delay at the destination countries is beyond the control of DHL eCommerce.

Delivery to areas outside major cities, or where your shipment is dutiable or held at customs may take longer.

3. What if I received a damage item upon delivery? What's your return process?
Please see our terms & conditions page.

4. I want to EARN some money! What do you offer?

**This is unavailable at the moment.

Awesome! We're more than happy to welcome you to our Affiliate Commission Program. We have an attractive affiliate program for bloggers, website owners etc who want to earn without a sweat. Learn more HERE

5. How to become a Stockist?

An attractive deal is awaiting for boutique owners and store owners who want to become a stockist. Please send us your Expression of Interest at info@estiloetniko.com.au and one of our team will contact you shortly within 24 - 48 hrs.

6. Do you do custom orders? (for stockists)

At this moment, we are still doing our R&D for an upcoming product which we will feature soon and will be available for custom ordering. But for now, items on the website are what we can offer. We will advise our stockist immediately about our latest products once available for custom orders.

7. Are your products is what it claims to be? Fair trade and cruelty-free?

Estilo Etniko was founded by Dessa Ragudo, a descendant of an ethnic minority group "Hiligaynon" and at the same time an active animal welfare advocate in Australia and especially in the Philippines. She was inspired by the vivid culture of ethnic art and modern minimalism and during on one of her travels to the Philippines while going back to her roots, she was stunned with Hablon, a 5 decade old textile weaving of the Panayanons that is slowly dying.

Passionate about preserving this culture of her and the other minority groups, she started Estilo Etniko. She would like to share to the world artisan products from around the globe skillfully made with traditional techniques - ethical and cruelty-free while at the same time improving the lives of ethnic communities and marginalized producers. 

We recreate tribal aesthetics into modern ensembles to suit modern conscientious lifestyles and at the same time creates opportunities and empowers artisans through our social business model.

8. We are a group of artisans and would like to collaborate with you. What do we do from here?

Thank you so much for your interest in collaborating with us, we highly appreciate and value skilled artisans who would like to join our passionate team. Please send us your Expression of Interest or proposal to info@estiloetniko.com.au