Who we are


We are Estilo Etniko (came from the Spanish words estilo means "style" and etniko means "ethnic"),  a social business lifestyle brand inspired by the vivid culture of ethnic art and modern minimalism. We recreate tribal aesthetics into modern ensembles to suit modern conscientious lifestyles while preserving traditional techniques & improving the lives of ethnic communities through fair trading. 


We are passionate about preserving the dying traditions of cultural minorities, stemming from our roots as a descendant of an ethnic minority tribe called "Hiligaynon" from the Visayas islands of the Philippines, we would like to share to the world artisan products skillfully made with traditional techniques, ethical and sustainable - thus Estilo Etniko was founded in 2017. 

Our products are 100% cruelty-free and environment-friendly

At present, we work together with the Hablon weavers to help promote and preserve the dying culture and art of traditional weaving and empower them by recreating the lovely textile into modern aesthetic and promote the product internationally. As well as providing more work for them and source of income. Hablon is a traditional production of loom weaving in a region in the Philippines, refers to both the weaving process and its finished product. Know more about Hablon.


Each purchase from Estilo Etniko creates opportunities and empowers artisans through our social business model. We also envision of ending animal cruelty by selling only cruelty-free products, promote and conduct spay&neuter projects within the Pacific.

We built this company bearing this in mind as we believe, every life matters.



We support #slowfashion.  We believe that fashion should not just be about looking good but also feeling good knowing that what you wear is made from fair trading. 

Environmentally and ethically conscious rather than trend-driven, thus every item we sell is durable and lend themselves to repairs, not disposal. We value transparency and show the artisans behind these sustainable products.


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