Tibetan Turquoise and Coral Tribal Mosaic Ring

Tibetan Turquoise and Coral Tribal Mosaic Ring

A ring that represents the ancient Tibetan culture in the high Himalayas. Made from chips of turquoise that is very common in Tibet, where there is a bridge called ‘The Turquoise Bridge.’ Prayer Wheels and Charm Boxes in Tibet were usually decorated with small turquoise stones because the turquoise was known as a particularly fortunate stone.

Turquoise stones are extremely good for giving one improved health. The turquoise is a stone sacred in the Buddhist belief.

Also made with chips of Coral - the gem's auspicious red color made it highly esteemed as a charm against disease and danger. Besides its ability to bring luck and keep away calamities and the 'evil eye,' red coral was also considered a valuable harbinger of illness or poisoning, believed to pale in color if the wearer was ill or had even been exposed to illness or darken as the wearer began to recover. 

*As tribal jewellery is handmade, no two items are the same.

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